Do all mobile notaries charge the same?  No because they are mobile, find out how much they charge for travel.  Some charge per mile and others has one set fee. The notarial act is $15.00  then an added fee for travel.  The notarial act was recently raised it use to be $10.00.

What do I do with a document that I am not sure how to fill it out?  Ask the person, institution or an attorney who sent the document to you to answer any questions you may have.

When the document ask for a witness can I use anyone?  You want a person who is a credible witness that knows the signer and is not related.

My mother is not able to sign but can communicate can she get Notarization done? Yes, she can mark an X on the document with  2 credible witnesses with valid ID’s.

Does the signer have to be present in order to do the notary?  Yes.

What is a Notary?  A notary is an impartial  witness commissioned by the Secretary Of State.

Notaries are not allowed to answer any legal question or give any legal advice.  Any legal question you may have should be addressed to an attorney.