Sues Mobile Notary Public Signing Service 408-829-9589 provides mobile notary services to Santa Clara County. We offer affordable mobile notary services after hours, evenings, late nights, very early mornings, weekends and holidays. Sue’s Mobile Notary Services is affordable, confidential, reliable and convenient because we come to you where you need us to be. Please make sure you have acceptable identifications.

Mobile Notary Pricing Is As Follows:

$25 Up To 2 Signatures
$45.00 Power Of Attorney
$75.00 Loan Documents
$10 Per Signature Thereafter
*Plus .50 Cents A Mile Roundtrip

Different Types of Notary Documents:

Department of Motor Vehicles Transfer
401K, Retirement
Permission For An Adult To Leave The Country With A Minor
Legal and Business Contracts
Promissory Notes
Grant Deeds
Quit Deeds
Mechanical Liens
Wills Prepared By An Attorney
Spousal Divorce Settlements Arrangements
Insurance Theft
Power Of Attorney
Domestic Partnership Health Insurance and much more.

Important to signer make sure you have acceptable identifications before calling Sues Mobile Notary. We specialize in providing you with an affordable mobile notary services. Notary Public is commissioned by The Secretary of the State and currently need to take a notary public class and pass the test and also pass a background check to ensure your protection and security. Sues Mobile Notary is commissioned by the Secretary of the State.

Please note all Notary Public Signer’s can notarize legal documents but they can not give legal advice or answer any legal questions. The legality of the documents or contracts, if you have any questions, should be addressed to an attorney.

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Sues Mobile Notary appreciates your business and look forward to providing you with an affordable mobile notary service. Let us be your next mobile notary public signing service. We are just a call away.